Wednesday, January 7, 2009


As requested, there is now a blogroll down the side. I know I've left people out so if there is anyone else who deserves to be on the list, add the link to their blog in a comment.
Everyone should check them out because they are fabulous.


sheashea said...

lukeharries said...
Has all my ORY posts.

lukeharries said...

Hey there.
Erm, My 1RY posts have actually moved to a new single purpose blog:


lukeharries said...

Oh and (woops third comment on the same post 0:) is it possible for you to export the blogroll? usually there is a tool somewhere that allows you to export the blogroll, so I can import it into my blog.


katiedid536 said...

I had a look and I can export the whole blog and download it to my computer but I'm not sure how that helps you get the blogroll for you.